Holocaust stories need to be told and we need to have them published. Here is an amazing story courtesy of History Buff:

On Sunday, Reddit user goldbond_shaq posted a link to the diary entries of his or her grandpa, Zygfryd Baginski, who was held in a concentration camp during World War II for 10 months. Written 50 years after his capture in 1944, Baginski explains the “extreme cruelty” he witnessed and endured during his incarceration—starvation, bestiality, beatings, etc.

In one entry, Baginski recalls, in gruesome detail, the flogging a man received after it was discovered that he was trying to escape.

“Another time, a man was discovered in a tunnel that had been dug under the barbed wire fence. The entire camp was lined up to witness his punishment. He was given 100 lashes. After 30 lashes he lost consciousness and fell to the ground. The SS men threw water on him and a kapo named Eric gave him 70 more lashes. The guy never screamed or cried out. It was terrifying to watch. Unbelievably, this man survived this horrendous beating. Some months later he showed us his wounds on his buttocks. There was no skin. The flesh was red. There were two open wounds about the size of a half-dollar where the bones were visible. Red and blue veins branched out from the center of the wound.”

At a different point, Baginski explains how some captives were punished when others tried to escape.

“One night two prisoners escaped. The commandant was so angry that he punished all of us by asking five men standing next to me to step out of line and move behind a building. Then we listened while he shot them with his gun. To this day I do not understand how I escaped not being chosen that night.”

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via History Buff