On 25 March 1942, 999 girls and women were taken to the camp from Poprad, Slovakia. Now just one is still alive. Edita Grosman tells her story as she prepares to return to her home city

“I’m sure I’ve survived for a reason,” says Edita Grosman. “One of us had to still be here to tell you what happened. And even if I was lying on my death bed, as long as my brain was working, I’d have to keep talking about it, especially because there are so many people who say it never happened.”

The 92-year-old has travelled from her home in Toronto to her native Slovakia. On Saturday she will return to the railway station in the city of Poprad, from where, 75 years ago to the day, she was one of 999 girls and women driven in windowless cattle cars to Auschwitz.

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