liesI was doing research online for a section of my new book set during the 1950’s in West Berlin (Book 6: Nor The Battle To The Strong – Eva and Zoe’s next book) and I came across this article about the movie Labyrinth of LIes. A fascinating movie:

LOS ANGELES (JTA) – When the German film “Labyrinth of Lies” opens, Hitler’s Third Reich was defeated only 13 years earlier. Germany is rising from the ruins, but in 1958 its people are largely in a state of forgetfulness and denial about the recent past.

Ask the man in the street about millions of Jews exterminated in SS concentration camps and he’ll tell you that’s “Greuelpropaganda,” horror propaganda, invented by the enemy.

Auschwitz? What’s that?


What about the Nuremberg Trials of war criminals? Well, that’s just the winners judging the losers, as after every war.

Today — when the German government and people have accepted full responsibility for the murder of 6 million Jews — it’s hard to fathom the German mindset in the immediate postwar years.

The first chink in the wall of denial was the so-called Frankfurt Auschwitz Trials, from 1963 to 1965, in which the German government prosecuted 22 people who helped run the death camp. “Labyrinth of Lies,” though fictionalized, explores how the trial — which triggered a gradual transformation of the German mindset — came to be.

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