Over the last few weeks, I got word that my publisher (for In the Blood of the Greeks and Where Shadows Linger) will be closing their doors in 2013.

I’ve known Barb and Linda since 2000 when I wrote my first novel (In the Blood of the Greeks) and Regal Crest took a chance on this writer. Steering this author at the time was Barb and Linda. I met these wonderful ladies at Dragoncon in Atlanta in August 2001.

So much has happened over the years and we all move on and encounter new challenges. PD Publishing has given many authors that chance to shine. With PD Publishing closing it’s doors, I say thank you and wish Barb and Linda good fortune.

What does this mean for my novels? Hidden Truths (Book 3) was contracted to Bedazzled Ink. Hidden Truths will soon be joined by In the Blood of the Greeks and Where Shadows Linger thanks to Bedazzled Ink will be publishing these novels.

I have some great news about In the Blood of the Greeks. I am revising this novel to add more material and expanding areas. This is pretty exciting and I’m looking forward to revisiting my first novel. Both books will have new covers with artwork by Lucia Nobrega.

In other news, Hidden Truths is with my publisher.

Blessings (Book 4) is about 3/4 of the way done and this novel picks up from where Hidden Truths ended.

After Blessings, I tackle In the Blood of the Greeks.

Phew! Busy time but I’m having a blast.