1947I was going to continue with In The Blood of the Greeks excerpts with images / art but I found this wonderful photo from 1947 of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and traffic that fit perfectly for Book 2 Where Shadows Linger:

October 1947

“The Emerald City” or “The Land of Milk and Honey,” nicknames that the city of Sydney, Australia, had collected over the years, evoked images of tranquility and of opportunity. However, tranquility was nowhere to be found as the traffic slowly made its way across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The sun beat down upon the city, casting a golden shimmer over the waves. Beneath the large grey bridge, sailboats scudded back and forth or bobbed in the calm waters.

Sydney’s nickname “The Emerald City” originated from the deep green sparkling waters that surrounded it. To many people, the city was their haven from war-torn Europe and all other places in between. The label “The Land of Milk and Honey” was given to the great southern land by the refugees and immigrants because Australia offered her new citizens a chance for a new life and hope for the future. It was a place to forget and to rebuild.
Eva rested her head against the window and shut her eyes, already feeling claustrophobic on the crowded bus. The sounds of chattering voices, the blaring horns of nearby cars, and the whining of a child who had obviously also had enough of the noise, were fraying her patience. She was tired, hot, and annoyed. Australia might have been the Land of Milk and Honey, but it was not her land of opportunity at that particular moment.

Excerpt from Where Shadows Linger