experienciaFor those who are wondering what ever became of my writing career..you are not alone 🙂 I’ve been wondering that myself lately. My muse had taken a long holiday. Way too long but I’m happy to report that she’s back, feeling refreshed and ready for action.

Last year I was half way through writing my new book, “Hidden Truths” which is a continuation of my Eva and Zoe series. When we last left our dynamic duo they were to set sail for Europe and travel back to Greece and Germany. It’s been a long journey. Lucia Nobrega drew this amazing piece you see here. Gorgeous of Zoe and Eva on their way to Europe some time ago. You can check out Lucia’s illustrations on my official fiction site

I hope to finish this baby in the next few months. That’s where I’m at with this book.

If you are wondering what on earth is my Eva and Zoe series, you can check out my books on Amazon.com

Intertwined Souls is the series of novels based on the characters of Eva Muller and Zoe Lambros. Zoe Lambros is a young Greek woman with vengeance in her heart and a faith in God that has been shattered by the death of her family. Eva Muller is the daughter of the German major in command of the troops occupying Zoe’s village. This is a story of courage, hope and strength, as Zoe and Eva find unexpected love in extraordinary circumstances.

Follow these two women as they travel to Australia as refugees and set up a home together. They face new challenges in a country foreign to their own; a new language and a new culture. Along the way they meet and befriend people that will change their lives.

ImageWhere Shadows Linger – Now Available from Amazon.com
By MaryD

You can now order the second book following the lives of Eva and Zoe. You can order it from Amazon.com –

The second instalment of the Eva and Zoe series, Where Shadows Linger follows the ever popular In the Blood of the Greeks. Having survived Nazi-occupied Greece and its liberation, Eva Muller and Zoe Lambros are still very much in love, wanting nothing more than to fulfil their dreams and hopes for the future. Emigrating to Sydney, Australia, the two women find themselves making new friends and forging a new life together. However, it is not long before their happiness is marred by prejudice and the machinations of old enemies, plunging them into mortal danger. Will the unique connection between Eva and Zoe be destroyed? Will they lose their new-found friends? Or will Eva and Zoe’s love prove strong enough to overcome the shadows of the past that continue to linger in their lives?

ImageIn the Blood of the Greeks Edition 3 – Available now from Amazon.comSet against the backdrop of World War II, the novel begins in a most troublesome period of human history, where subjugated by the might of Nazi Germany, two women meet under extraordinary circumstances. This is the story of Eva Muller, the daughter of a German major in command of the occupying force in Larissa, Greece in 1944. Through the intervention of the village priest she meets Zoe Lambros, a young Greek woman with vengeance in her heart and a faith in God that has been shattered by the death of her family. They develop a friendship borne out of this dark time.

I’ve also written a couple of non fiction pieces for a local magazine which is pretty cool and another non fiction piece for a new magazine coming out in the next month. More on that later.