Today marks the 80th Anniversary of OXI (OXI means NO – the X is a H in Greek). OXI day commemorates the day when the Greek General Metaxas (leader of Greece) told Mussolini what he could do with himself after he demanded that the Greek surrender without a shot being fired. Bloody idiot. The Italians invaded and Greece pushed them back into Albania. For a little country (10 million people) it sure punched above it’s weight. Mussolini couldn’t do it so he sent in Hitler in 1941.

The Greeks NEVER surrender without a fight (and they didn’t – they formed the strongest Resistance movement in all of Europe AND stalled Hitler going into Russia until the winter. They changed the course of WW2 in Europe. You will never get a Greek to surrender without a fight.

My grandfather was part of the Greek Resistance and let me tell you, that fire didn’t go out until he passed away in 1999.