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Upcoming Release: Promise is a Promise

I’m stoked to announce the upcoming release of my new novel “Promise is a Promise”! Pre-order now for December 25, 2020 Release Promises Are Never Forgotten – Sand, Sun, Love and...

80th Anniversary of OXI Day 28 October 1940

Today marks the 80th Anniversary of OXI (OXI means NO – the X is a H in Greek). OXI day commemorates the day when the Greek General Metaxas (leader of Greece) told Mussolini what he could do...

Promise is a Promise – New Illustration!

Ooh check this out! Lucia Nobrega, who is illustrating parts of the new upcoming novel Promise is a Promise has created this amazing piece of art! It’s from Chapter 1! Pre-order Promise is a...

Audio Book Sampler: Enemy At The Gate

AUDIOBOOK SAMPLER ENEMY AT THE GATE by Mary D. Brooks – AUDIOBOOK SAMPLER (C) 2020 Mary D. Brooks / AUSXIP Publishing Chapters 1 to 6 Complete Audiobook to be available early 2020 Performed by:...

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Upcoming Releases


25 December 2020

Promise is a Promise (Intertwined Souls Series) – Sand, Sun, Love and Madcap Zoe On A Mission To Fulfill A Promise Made In The Egyptian Desert

It’s 1949 in Sydney, Australia Zoe is planning a surprise for Eva. She enlists the help of Elena and together they make one of Zoe’s zaniest ideas come to life. Zoe’s promise to Eva made in the Egyptian desert in 1946 is the basis for this romantic comedy. Zoe always delivers on her promises no matter how long it takes. Eva, Zoe, Elena, Henry and Earl are back.

It’s a feel good romantic comedy that will just make you smile – it’s all about the love with a dash of sand and sun in the land of Milk and Honey.




I’m deeply honoured and thrilled to have two of my books – the novel and the companion book be featured in the Jewish Museum of Greece.

In 2016 The Jewish Museum of Greece added In “The Blood of the Greeks” and the companion book “In the Blood of the Greeks The Illustrated Companion” to their collection on Greek Holocaust during World War II.

If you are in the area, why not pop over to Nikis 39, Athina 105 57, Greece and see their collection of priceless documents, images and video about the Greek Jewish Resistance and the way the Greek Jews fought back against the Germans and how their compatriots protected them.

Pick up a copy of In the Blood of the Greeks and the Companion Book – historical fiction and the companion book features actual wartime photography, illustrations, real life accounts of Greek resistance and heroism.