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Welcome to my official site. Thanks for stopping by!

This is the place to discover more about my novels, short stories and the amazing illustrations of my friend Lucia Nobrega. You won’t get a lot of info about me other than about my work (I’m a shy writer…we tend to be introverts).

In addition to being a writer, I’m a web designer and graphic artist. I’m the owner of AUSXIP.com – one of the longest running Xena sites online (born in 1996) and owner of AUSXIP Publishing – stories that inspire, strengthen and motivate. When I’m not writing, I’m creating art or designing new sites (and occasionally sleep…I hear that’s good for you). As the quote above from Helen Keller says, the most beautiful things in the world must be felt with the heart. I hope to touch the heart of my readers; make them feel and fall in love with my characters. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labors.

Currently Writing

Nor The Battle To the Strong (Intertwined Souls Series Book 6)
Historical Romance / Urban Fantasy #4

To avoid spoiling everyone who hasn’t read Books 1 – 5, the Book 6 page (coming soon) will have a book description.

Latest Blog Updates


New Coloring Book in the Works – Amazons & Warriors

 I’m very happy to announce that I have a new coloring book – Amazons and Warriors. Inspired by strong warriors we all know and love, it will feature images to color of Amazons, Warriors and strong women throughout history. Hoping for a late December release. You can keep updated with how the book is coming along…


New Book: In the Blood of the Greeks Companion Book

Just an update. Lucia Nobrega and I are working on the first Eva and Zoe coloring book but it’s taken on a new angle. Henry will also be featured for the first time and Father H. In addition to it being a coloring book featuring E&Z, we’ve decided to include elements of Greece, some facts,…


Images: Farsala (Pharsalos) Greece

Farsala is on the outskirts of Larissa – a farming community and the location of Zoe Lambros’ home in the first book of the Intertwined Souls Series. Here are some amazing photos and some of them are from 1926! Related posts: Images Related To The Novels A Look at Larissa, Greece – An Ancient City Migrant…


A Widgie Knight on Sale!

A Widgie Knight – the first Eva and Zoe Novella including Zoe’s Journal is now on sale on Amazon for 99c! Click here to purchase for 99c on Amazon t’s 1950 and Zoe Lambros is a young Arts College graduate who has found work in the Sydney Art Gallery as a junior art restorer. She…

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Zoe’s Journal: Jumping Off The Cliff is a fictional account by a character from the Intertwined Souls Series of novels, Zoe Lambros. Zoe is a 16 year old that has lived through the German Occupation of her home town in Larissa, Greece. A courageous young woman who lost her family and her childhood, to the madness of war. She’s madly in love with Eva Muller, the daughter of the ex-German commander in Larissa. They were brought together by the village priest, though they hated one another. They helped the Jews and forged a friendship, despite the risks. They fell in love or as Zoe likes to say ‘HEAVY LIKE’.

What happens after the war ends? Read Zoe’s Journal as she and Eva try to come to terms with their lives. Each journal will bridge the books in the Intertwined Souls Series and fill in the gaps through Zoe’s eyes.

Zoe’s Journal is based on the characters / stories from the first five novels of the Intertwined Souls Series and the first novella