The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched –
they must be felt with the heart. 
— Helen Keller

Intertwined Souls Series Book 6

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Scientist Tried To ‘Cure The Gay’ in 1970 – Horrific Report

One of the main themes in the first book of my Intertwined Souls Series is that one of my main character, Eva Muller, was subjected to ‘aversion’ treatments. Many today would call it Conversion therapy – the use of electroshock treatments to alter the way the brain works (to put... read more

New Interview With A Difference…Zoe Talks

Sallie’s Book Reviews blog interviews authors about their books. Sallie suggested I do an interview with one of the characters of the Intertwined Souls Series. Interesting. So I chose Zoe (who as we all know is not short of a word). Interview with Zoe Lambros by Mary D. Brooks, author of In the... read more

Radio Interview Clip Now Online

I was interviewed on Chatting With Sherri today and here is the interview in full. It was a fun interview. We talked about a whole range of things but mainly about the upcoming A Widgie Knight radio play that is due in late... read more

Upcoming Radio Interview: Sherri’s Playhouse 18 June

I’m going to be on Sherri’s Playhouse radio show on the 18th June! Tune to find out more about the upcoming radio play based on my novella “A Widgie Knight” featuring the voices of Eva, Zoe, Henry, Earl and the rest of the spectacular cast of characters from the novels.... read more

2016 Xenite Retreat and Writing Workshops

In April I attended the first Xenite Retreat and the following is my in depth report. I briefly covered the entire retreat and made mention of two workshops I conducted. Workshop 1: Small Press and Indie Publishing. It was great to meet people who were interested in publishing their work and... read more

No Good Deed

I got a little creative this afternoon with some of Lucia’s artwork based on Book 5! Check out the book sample... read more

Listen to the radio play performed by actors from Sherri’s Playhouse!




Eva and Zoe In The Jewish Museum of Greece

Today is one of the proudest days of my life. I got confirmation that my books “In The Blood of the Greeks” and The illustrated Companion are now in the safe hands of the Jewish Museum of Greece. I had sent the books last month and today I received an awesome email from them to say…read more

An amazing story set against the horrors of World War II….There are many novels that take place during World War II. To write one that stands out in the crowd takes not only a great story, but intriguing characters, heart, passion, fear, and unfortunately blood.

SPR Reviews

A wonderfully told tale of life, love and prejudices, In The Blood Of The Greeks proves another excellent release from Mary D Brooks and one sure to garner her many more followers. It is recommended without reservation

Book Viral

Mary D. Brooks has written a novel that is not only superb, but the plot, the development of the characters, and the setting are perfect. It is an emotional roller coaster ride, but a good one. The story is gripping, the protagonists are amazing and well formed, the setting is realistic, and their friendship is wonderful.

Readers Favorite

One of the most powerful WW2 romances I have ever read. Beautifully describe with engaging characters and tastefully written I feel I have found a true gem in author Mary Brooks and look forward to reading her other books.

Diane / Goodreads