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Radio Play: An Egyptian Treasure Update!

I’m about 90% done writing my second play. It’s called An Egyptian Treasure. It’s 1948 and as the year is drawing to a close, Zoe is planning a surprise for Eva. She enlists the help of Elena and together they make one of Zoe’s zaniest ideas come to life. Eva, Zoe, Elena,...

Upcoming Novel: Displaced In The Land of Pharoahs

I’m quite pleased to announce that Zoe’s Journal: Displaced In The Land of Pharoahs will be the second book in Zoe’s Journal series  to be published by AUSXIP Publishing. Date to be announced. This is Zoe’s Journal from the moment they leave Greece and their journey to...

Upcoming Novel: Zoe’s Journal Surviving The Peace

I’m quite pleased to announce that Zoe’s Journal: Surviving The Peace is the next book to be published by AUSXIP Publishing. Date to be announced. This is Zoe’s Journal from the moment Larissa was liberated by the British in 1944 to the time Eva, Zoe and Henry left Larissa and...

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What Readers Are Saying

“Forbidden love, heart racing suspense, an epic tale set in war ravaged Greece. This classic is not to be missed.”

This is a superb YA historical romance of a young woman’s lesbian awakening. A romance forged in war that will take your breath away.

“One of the most powerful WW2 romances I have ever read…”

Hauntingly beautiful love story! Stays with you and makes you want more of Eva and Zoe.

“There’s a lot of quietness surrounding Eva, even her fury is silenced and subtle…”

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New Interview With A Difference…Zoe Talks

Sallie’s Book Reviews blog interviews authors about their books. Sallie suggested I do an interview with one of the characters of the Intertwined Souls Series. Interesting. So I chose Zoe (who as we all know is not short of a word). Interview with Zoe Lambros by Mary D. Brooks, author of In the...

A Woman Named Mabel…

Mabel is a wonderful name, isn’t it? Its very Australian, and since Evy and I are refugees in this country, I thought of naming my first motorcycle Mabel. The story of how I came up with it is interesting. I wanted something that represented my new country that was young and brash. Evy suggested...

My Home in Farsala (Pharsalos) Greece

Farsala is on the outskirts of Larissa – a farming community where I grew up and nearby is Athena’s Bluff. I have spent a lot of time up there. The post My Home in Farsala (Pharsalos) Greece appeared first on Zoe Lambros...

Tracing Your Family Roots: The Story of Greek Jews in WW2

Evy and I spent the war trying to save Greek Jews by forging papers (that is when we weren’t trying to be mean to each other or when I wasn’t throwing rocks at her or wanting to kill her.) so they could escape. Sometimes that worked and other times, those poor people were caught and murdered....

As Featured In The Jewish Museum of Greece!

I’m deeply honoured and thrilled to have two of my books – the novel and the companion book be featured in the Jewish Museum of Greece.

In 2016 The Jewish Museum of Greece added In “The Blood of the Greeks” and the companion book “In the Blood of the Greeks The Illustrated Companion” to their collection on Greek Holocaust during World War II.

If you are in the area, why not pop over to Nikis 39, Athina 105 57, Greece and see their collection of priceless documents, images and video about the Greek Jewish Resistance and the way the Greek Jews fought back against the Germans and how their compatriots protected them.

Pick up a copy of In the Blood of the Greeks and the Companion Book – historical fiction and the companion book features actual wartime photography, illustrations, real life accounts of Greek resistance and heroism.