BOOK 4: Intertwined Souls Series – Eva and Zoe


Awakenings continues Eva and Zoe’s journey back to post-war Greece…

A romance forged in war and unbreakable love that blossomed in peacetime. Eva and Zoe have weathered every obstacle that fate has put before them but now comes their greatest challenge – their haunted memories – is before them. It’s a story about the bonds of love, unexpected family and shocking revelations. No journey is ever what we expect it to be.

Eva not only has to deal with her wartime memories in the place that despised her and almost killed her, but she also has to contend with a woman from the past, Theresa Mitsos, the quiet, gentle soul with extraordinary paranormal power of visions through time. Who really is this woman? How could she foresee events so far into the future? What are the implications for Eva and her future with Zoe?

Faced with a physical reminder of her tortured past, Eva needs all her courage, strength and resilience to confront her harrowing memories and content with the secrets that are bubbling to the surface. Zoe contends with her own soul shattering memories of helplessness, heart-rendering pain and loss. 

In Germany they discover Eva’s haunted dreams are far more than they realized. Shocking family secrets are revealed and an unwanted visitor will test Eva and Zoe’s bond.

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2015 BookViral Book Award Shortlisted

Honourable Mention in Paranormal Category – 2015 Readers’ Favorite Awards

Finalist in the Outstanding Romance Category – 2015 IAN Book of the Year Awards (Independent Author Network)


Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers’ Favorite

Awakenings (Intertwined Souls Series Book 4) by Mary D. Brooks continues to follow the relationship between Eva Haralambos and Zoe Lambros, and how they have to deal with the memories of trials and tribulations that ultimately brought them together. In Germany, secrets about Eva’s heritage are waiting to be discovered which will alter their lives in an unexpected ways. I did enjoy this book, despite my initial uncertainty since it’s already Book 4 from the series. Not reading the previous books from a series can lead to lack of understanding from my experience, but Awakenings is substantially a standalone.

The book starts out slowly, unfolding with Eva trying to manage her back pain, an old wound from the past, without medicine and treatment but by pure stubbornness alone. Over the course of the story, Brooks delivers a compelling tale and enough background details for me to identify with the lead characters. The prose can be more polished, but the flaws are well compensated for by Brooks’ evocative style of writing which made for very interesting, vivid scenes in my head. As any reader can probably imagine, this made the story much more engaging to read.

There are parts in the book that are very emotive, and that allowed me several insights into the lead characters’ minds that made me understand them and relate to them better. The supernatural element – gift of visions of the future – is well thought out and does not overwhelm the rest of the story. On the whole, Awakenings is a well-written, entertaining and uplifting read about women in love.

Received via email (and posted with permission)

Reading this series has been such an experience for me. I’m 29 now. I started reading this series when I was about 16. It started with Out of Darkness.

As you have expanded the details through the release of later editions, you have been able to capture what it was to not only be in a war torn country but to be lesbian women in that time period. One of which underwent torture to cure her “illness”. You have been able to somehow step into those shoes. And let the readers experience a sliver of what so many on this earth have gone through. Be it straight, gay, Christian, Jewish. It doesn’t matter. You have captured every character you have written with integrity.

I have been able to relate to your characters. Especially Eva. Your books have helped me heal in a way. The struggles she went through and continues to go through and her ability to overcome them have helped me in overcoming my own obstacles. You have been able to capture those struggles as they would have occurred. Almost exactly.

I essentially grew up with this series. And I am so excited to see what adventures await Stella and Tessa. And to see where life takes Eva and Zoe as they continue their journey. Thank you for continuing to write about these characters I have come to love.


Reviewed by Jenny Channdelier –

An Amazing Story – December 13, 2014

Awakenings is an amazing story set somewhere in the late 1940’s/early 50’s. Eva has endured heartbreaking misery and punishment at the hands of her own family when they found out she was a lesbian. Awakenings is filled with deceit and evil but somehow through all the pain and punishment, Eva finds the love of her life, Zoe.

Eva is a young lady who discovers she has some very special gifts of spirit and at the end of the book she gets the most incredible peek into her future!
I loved the richness of the characters in Awakenings. Human Beings with all their flaws and bumps and bruises!

A story about deep love and also about the deep cruelty one person can inflict on another. The story begins in Larissa Greece and continues in Germany which is Eva’s home. The settings are so realistic and vivid. I found myself “right there” in the story.

I hope the story of Eva and Zoe will continue on in the future.


Reviewed by Becca Hugh –

A high quality piece of fiction, December 14, 2014

This is my first venture into lesbian fiction, historical or otherwise. I have to say that I was completely blown away by the story and the passionate relationship between Eva and Zoe. I made the mistake of jumping right into the middle of the series, and now I feel I must start from the beginning to watch their romance blossom.

I really enjoyed the depth that Mary D. Brooks added to her characters. Both Zoe and Eva had their own troubling childhoods that color who they are today and how they react to each other. Beyond the quality of the characters, I also found the international 1940s setting to be well researched and well written. You can tell Brooks really knows her stuff about the era, and spared no expense in creating a descriptive backdrop for the unique characters.

I peg Brooks as a traditional writer, in the sense that you can tell that she worked and reworked this story with friends and editors until it became the best it could be. I read a lot of self published books on Kindle, and you don’t see this kind of effort that often. It’s been really refreshing to read such a high quality piece of fiction.


Review by Book Viral

Romance and prejudices dominate in Awakenings by author Mary D Brooks. A beautifully observed and intriguing novel that stands as a lingering reminder of loves consequences in times past. It’s a heady mix that makes for a captivating and persuasive read, effortlessly capturing the spirit of time and place as the almost palpable tension simmers between her females leads. Captured in acerbic prose, we are reminded of the constantly shifting spheres of influence that shape the world around us and those experiences which make us what we are, as we come to make sense of the world, prejudices and the relationships through which we evolve. Thought provoking with thematic moral undertones, Brooks has created astute, honest, and most notably, believable characters that quickly materialize in the mind and bring an undeniable sense of authenticity to her tale that will leave many of her readers reflecting upon the fettered boundaries of forbidden romance in bygone times.

With a compelling and satisfying story arc, fans of Mary D. Brooks will certainly find Awakenings an enjoyable and thought provoking read. It is recommended without reservation.

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Reviewed by Rosa Alonso | Amazon US

Wow! I mean, Wow!

Awakenings is the fourth novel in the Intertwined Souls series, and the best one so far. A riveting plot, a set of memorable characters, a couple of unexpected twists, a healthy dose of wit and humor, and another of intensity and emotion, a whole lot of passion and love, a flowing pace and engaging dialogue, and MaryD’s unique narrative voice. Add that gorgeous cover and you have all the ingredients that make this truly outstanding novel, one you don’t want to miss. I can guarantee you will fall in love with Eva, and with Zoe, and with their story. I can only hope there will be many more books in this phenomenal series.

Rosa Alonso (

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