BOOK 3: Intertwined Souls Series – Eva and Zoe

Hidden Truths

Out of suffering stronger souls emerge; the bravest hearts confront their fears and unbreakable love unites

The Greek Civil War has ended bringing with it new challenges. Eva and Zoe travel back to where it all began, to post war Greece, and find that out of suffering stronger souls emerge; the bravest hearts confront their fears and unbreakable love unites. It’s a story of new friendships, love, discovery, healing and the unexpected. No journey is ever what we think it to be.

It’s 1950 in Australia where Eva Muller and Zoe Lambros have found peace in a land that doesn’t understand or tolerate their love. Their peace comes to an end when the end of the brutal Greek Civil War brings unwelcome news for Zoe. She must return home to Greece to reclaim her family property or lose her inheritance. Zoe is reluctant to expose Eva to the pain of revisiting Larissa, the town that almost killed her during World War II. Eva is adamant that Zoe should go back and rightly claim what is hers.

While at an impasse of what is to be done, the decision is made to not only go back to Greece but also back to Eva’s home in Germany. They are aware that the journey home will be filled with painful memories that have haunted them for years.

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Honorable Mention in Historical Romance 2015 Readers’ Favorite Awards

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

Hidden Truths by Mary D. Brooks is the third installment in the Intertwined Series. Eva and Zoe are back and this time their lives are coming full circle. We started the story after World War II ended. Eva and Zoe met under the most peculiar circumstances, became friends, then lovers, and now they are partners. They are finally settled in their new life in Australia. They have come to terms with society. Eva and Zoe are not finding acceptance, but the tolerance of society is much better than a vicious demeanor.

After the end of the civil war, the Greek government asked all Greeks to return to their motherland and claim what is rightly theirs. Eva wants Zoe to return and get back what was hers, but Eva also has to return to Germany and face what is left of her beloved country and the people she loved. They understand that their way back is not going to be easy, especially after the bloody war, but they need to sort out their past before they can make a future together. Will their past friends and memories drive a wedge between the two lovers? Or will their love survive it all and win the battle against the past and the distance?

I said it before and I will say it again, Mary D. Brooks is a great writer. Brooks has managed to invent a set of characters that are strong women who do not need a man at their sides to help them in situations. Instead, they rely on their own strengths and their intelligence to survive and live a happy life. Eva and Zoe are true companions in every sense, and they know each other very well. They know that their love can only thrive if they fight and let go of the past. This is exactly what they did, but they did it together. No hypocrisy here and no deceptions. Another nice, clean romance that fills your heart. A wonderful novel!

Reviewed by Rosa Alonso | Amazon US

Hidden Truths is the third installment of the Intertwined Souls series. Eva and Zoe, now settled in Australia, are about to embark on a journey back to where it all started. Family ties, old friends, surprising allies, lingering ghosts from the past, unexpected challenges… You will find all of that and more in this captivating novel.

Mary D. Brooks just oozes talent, and here she delivers another winner. Characterization is without a doubt one of her strongest points as a writer. Eva and Zoe keep growing and evolving, and they are so well developed that the reader perceives them as distinctly believable. I must confess I’m hopelessly in love with both of them. The two main characters share the world of Hidden Truths with a wonderful supporting cast –unforgettable characters who stand out in their own right and add depth and strength to the story line.

There are plot twists that will take your breath away, there are touching scenes that will find their way to your heart and stay there, there are moments filled with that witty sense of humor so peculiar to Mary D. Brooks, and there is love, because Hidden Truths is a love story, a story about how love can and will give you courage to face the shadows of the past, and hope to start building new dreams for the future. It’s time for Eva and Zoe to start healing, it’s time to bring those hidden truths to light.
The journey continues, and what a thrilling ride it is.

Reviewed By TFLReader TOP 1000 REVIEWER | Amazon US

I make no secret that one of my favorite genres is historical fiction. I didn’t even know that this existed until a few years ago when I discovered Diana Gabaldon and was blown away by the notion that I could learn something about history while being entertained at the same time. This has set off a delightful reading journey for me and I am so glad that I discovered author Mary D. Brooks while on that path. Her historical romance series, featuring a lasting and intense love is one that I won’t soon forget.

“Hidden Truths” is the third installment in the Intertwined Souls series. The series itself follows the relationship between Eva and Zoe, from their meeting during WWII on different sides of the conflict, their falling in love and the various struggles that they have. In this book, the two are living in Australia in the 1950’s and news arrives that forces the two to move once again. They have to go back to Greece because of Zoe’s inheritance and then decide to return to Germany.

This particular book is a great look at post-war society and at how things were in different parts of the world in the 1950’s. The two characters are placed back into places and situations that caused them pain and distress in the past and this always makes for interesting reading, particularly in the context of a relationship. This was another incredibly well-written book that brought me even closer to two of my favorite characters. I can’t wait for book #4.

Reviewed By P. Saunders-waxman on Amazon US


although I am not a fan of historical lesbian literature, I found myself captivated by Mary Dee’s Intertwined Souls from book 1 first paragraph. Mary excels in character development and depth as well as smoothly integrating the historical aspects of her tales with the relationship between the two women. Her pace is steady and at times even heady, but she never moves into excess. Both simply, directly written and complex, it is an absolute pleasure to read her books. I recommend this with 5 stars.
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