Romantic Comedy – Intertwined Souls Series

Promise is a Promise

and Zoe's Journal

Genre:  Historical Romance, Romantic Comedy
First Edition: 2020
Second Edition: 2022

Promise is a Promise (also features Zoe's Journal Entry)

Featuring the Illustrations of Lucia Nobrega

In this romantic comedy set in 1948 Australia, the unforgettable Zoe Lambros is back. In a refugee camp in Egypt in 1946, Zoe made a promise to her beloved Eva that she is determined to keep. Regardless of how long it takes, Zoe always follows through on her promises. She enlists the assistance of her best friend Elena, and the two of them work together to realize one of Zoe's zaniest ideas. With her passion, tenacity, and deep love for Eva, she will win your heart. It's about achieving the impossible, finding courage in unexpected places, and promises kept.

Available as an eBook

Illustrated by Lucia Nobrega

These are just a sample of the illustrations in the novel. 

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