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Surviving The Peace Character List + First Chapter!

Zoe Lambros is a 16 year old that has lived through the German Occupation of her home town in Greece. Zoe survived the war that killed her  family, her friends and destroyed her country. She fought alongside Eva Muller and Henry Franz in an attempt to save Greek Jews from the Nazis but now comes a...

Latest News and September FREE Book!

It’s near the end of September and where has it all gone! September was a busy month – received some awesome news about book awards (see below) and we have a free book offer for Nor The Battle To The Strong. I was busy this month trying to finish off my radio play “An Egyptian...

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What Readers Are Saying

“Forbidden love, heart racing suspense, an epic tale set in war ravaged Greece. This classic is not to be missed.”

This is a superb YA historical romance of a young woman’s lesbian awakening. A romance forged in war that will take your breath away.

“One of the most powerful WW2 romances I have ever read…”

Hauntingly beautiful love story! Stays with you and makes you want more of Eva and Zoe.

“There’s a lot of quietness surrounding Eva, even her fury is silenced and subtle…”

Zoe’s Journal Updates – Character Subsite!

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On The Streets of Larissa

I found this photograph. There’s one thing I truly hate about it. It’s not the woman in the cloak but the cloak itself. That long black cloak that brings back so many horrible memories. It’s one of the things I remember from the day mama died. That black cloak, the rain, the mud and my mother...

A Forest on Evia Island in Greece

This is just one of the beautiful photos and so serene. Reminds me a little of Athena’s Bluff. I was attracted to it because it’s in Greece (and yes you would be right my eye did fall on EVIA first…well can you blame me?) The photo is courtesy of A little...

Athena’s Bluff – A Place of Refuge

Today I want to write about a place near my home called Tempi Valley. It’s one of my favourite places in the world because it’s so serene (when it’s not being bombed by the Germans or Italians or Bulgarians or the Turks…or anyone else who feels like invading Greece). It’s also the place that I...

As Featured In The Jewish Museum of Greece!

I’m deeply honoured and thrilled to have two of my books – the novel and the companion book be featured in the Jewish Museum of Greece.

In 2016 The Jewish Museum of Greece added In “The Blood of the Greeks” and the companion book “In the Blood of the Greeks The Illustrated Companion” to their collection on Greek Holocaust during World War II.

If you are in the area, why not pop over to Nikis 39, Athina 105 57, Greece and see their collection of priceless documents, images and video about the Greek Jewish Resistance and the way the Greek Jews fought back against the Germans and how their compatriots protected them.

Pick up a copy of In the Blood of the Greeks and the Companion Book – historical fiction and the companion book features actual wartime photography, illustrations, real life accounts of Greek resistance and heroism.