Radio Plays – Drama – December 2018

Mabel of the Anzacs

Family isn't always whose blood runs through your veins…

PART 1 (December 16, 2019
PART 2: (2019)

Time: 1 hour and 46 minutes

Mabel of the Anzacs Part 1 (December 16, 2018)

by the cast of Sherri's Playhouse

Written By: Mary D. Brooks
Produced by: Sherri's Playhouse
Directed by: Sherri Rabinowitz

In 1948 Post War Australia, teenager and World War II Greek Resistance fighter Zoe Lambros meets Mabel Andrews, a mercurial, cantankerous former World War I Australian nurse. Zoe's introduction to the fiery octogenarian is an explosive mix of sound and fury.

Neither woman wants to give ground and they are determined to be proven right. For Zoe, actions speak louder than words and she sets out to uncover the enigma that is Mabel Andrews. Mabel discovers a kindred spirit that leads to an unlikely friendship.

Together the two women forge a close bond that will change their lives forever. 



Narrator – Shaun Ritter

Zoe Lambros – Arielle Strauss
Eva Haralambos – J'nae Rae Spano
Mabel Andrews – Sherri Rabinowitz
Elena Mannheim – Jen Gray
Henry Franz – Rayment Brent
Earl Wiggins – Everett Robert
Lena Stavridis – Liz Elliot
Mr Ross – Wesley Marshall


Family isn't always whose blood runs through your veins….


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