Standalone Novel – Women’s Fiction
A friendship For The Ages

Mabel of the ANZACS

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Historical Fiction


Combine a fiery teenager and a cantankerous octogenarian and stir to produce an unlikely friendship for the ages.

Zoe Lambros meets Mabel Andrews, a mercurial, cantankerous World War I Australian nurse. Zoe’s introduction to the fiery octogenarian is an explosive mix of sound and fury. Neither woman wants to give ground and they are determined to be proven right. For Zoe, actions speak louder than words and Mabel finds a kindred spirit that leads to an unlikely friendship. Together the two women forge a close bond that will change their lives forever.

Timeframe: 1948 (Between Where Shadows Linger and Hidden Truths – Standalone novel in the Eva and Zoe series. You do not have to read the previous novels prior to this novel)

Mabel of the ANZACS Book Trailer