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What Is The Order For The Intertwined Souls Series?

I’ve had several publishers over the years. Here is the chronology of my novels (for the Intertwined Souls Series Only)

2000 – 2004: Regal Crest

  • Out of Darkness
    (This was two stories: “In the Blood of the Greeks” and a short story “Land of Milk and Honey”)
  • You Must Remember This
  • Full Circle

2004: Cavalier Press

  • In The Blood of the Greeks (Version 2)

2006: PD Publishing

  • In The Blood of the Greeks (Version 3)
  • Where Shadows Linger (A Revised and Updated novel that included “Land of Milk and Honey” and “You Must Remember This”)

2014 – 2015: Bedazzled Ink

  • Hidden Truths (Book 3 in Intertwined Souls Series)
  • Awakenings (Book 4 in Intertwined Souls Series)

2015 – Present: AUSXIP Publishing

  • In The Blood of the Greeks (Version 4)
  • Where Shadows Linger (Version 3)
  • Hidden Truths (Version 2)
  • Awakenings (Version 2)
  • No Good Deed (Version 2)
  • In The Blood of the Greeks: The Illustrated Companion (Version 1)
  • A Widgie Knight (Version 1)
  • Zoe’s Journal: 1944 (Version 1)



Where Does The Title of “In The Blood of the Greeks” Come From?

That’s an evocative title and when I read the lyrics to the Greek National Anthem, it jumped out at me that this would be perfect for the name of my first book.

The Hymn to Liberty or Hymn to Freedom (Greek: Ὕμνος εἰς τὴν Ἐλευθερίαν, Ýmnos is tin Eleftherían) is a poem written by Dionýsios Solomós in 1823 that consists of 158 stanzas, which is used as the national anthem of Greece. It was set to music by Nikolaos Mantzaros, and is the longest national anthem in the world by length of text. In 1865, the first three stanzas and later the first two officially became the national anthem of Greece and later also that of the Republic of Cyprus.

The hymn was set to music in 1865 by the Corfiot operatic composer Nikolaos Mantzaros, who composed two choral versions, a long one for the whole poem and a short one for the first two stanzas; the latter is the one adopted as the National Anthem of Greece.

The Hellenic national Anthem
A translation in English by Rudyard Kipling in 1918

We knew thee of old,
Oh, divinely restored,
By the lights of thine eyes
And the light of thy Sword

From the graves of our slain
Shall thy valour prevail
As we greet thee again-
Hail, Liberty! Hail!

Long time didst thou dwell
Mid the peoples that mourn,
Awaiting some voice
That should bid thee return.

Ah, slow broke that day
And no man dared call,
For the shadow of tyranny
Lay over all:

And we saw thee sad-eyed,
The tears on thy cheeks
While thy raiment was dyed
In the blood of the Greeks.

Yet, behold now thy sons
With impetuous breath
Go forth to the fight
Seeking Freedom or Death.

From the graves of our slain
Shall thy valour prevail
As we greet thee again-
Hail, Liberty! Hail!

Lyrics: –Dionysios Solomos, 1824
Music: Nikolaos Mantzaros, 1828
Adopted: 1864

How Many Books in the Intertwined Souls Series?

The Intertwined Souls series – Eva and Zoe Lambros comprises the following novels:


1. In the Blood of the Greeks

2. Where Shadows Linger

3. Hidden Truths

4. Awakenings

5. No Good Deed

To Be Published

6. Nor The Battle To The Strong (2016)

7. Blood Ties (2017)



What Is The Timeframe For The Intertwined Souls Novels?

The time-frame for the Intertwined Souls Series is:

  • 1941 to 1945: In the Blood of the Greeks
  • 1946 to 1948: Where Shadows Linger
  • 1950 to 1951: Hidden Truths
  • 1952             : Awakenings
  • 1953             : No Good Deed
  • 1956 to 1957: Nor The Battle To The Strong



Which Books Are Out of Print?

The following novels are out of print although you may be able to find them on Amazon, ebay or second hand bookstores.


outOut of Darkness (published by Renaissance Alliance Publishing) were two books

  • In the Blood of the Greeks
  • Land of Milk and Honey

This book is out of print






Full Circle (published by Renaissance Alliance Publishing) and is out of print.





You Must Remember This (published by Renaissance Alliance Publishing) and is out of print

Elements of this novel were incorporated into the novel “Where Shadows Linger”






What Is Aversion/Conversion Therapy?

In the novel “In the Blood of the Greeks” we find out that Eva had undergone electroshock therapy and aversion therapy years before she arrived in Greece (where the novel begins) to “cure” her of her lesbianism. The “cure” consists of electroshock therapy and aversion therapy; a truly barbaric way to change someone’s nature. It does work, in the sense, it causes them extreme pain when they are aroused yet it doesn’t change who they are. You can’t change someone from homosexual to heterosexual no matter how much you torture them. It’s not a light switch you can switch on or off. You can’t electrocute the gay out of them.

Unfortunately this “therapy” is still being used today. Please read: Gay Conversion Therapy: An Interesting Article in Psychology Today for more insights into this

Eva does find a way out of this hell but it takes years of therapy. (Where Shadows Linger)