I wrote a little piece called “The Kindness that Changed My World” on the “I Heart Lesfic” site. It had a monumental effect on my thinking in 2001 and beyond. In addition to my story about kindness, there is a giveaway of my first novel “In The Blood of the Greeks”.

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Many thanks to TB Markinson for including me in her Project Kindness.

Image courtesy of I Love Lesfic / TB Markinson

What is Project Kindness? See below:

During 2020 on I Heart Lesfic, we ran a segment called Project Laughter because we thought all of us could use a good chuckle. After much thought, we’ve decided the theme for 2021 will be Project Kindness, which is something we think a lot of us could use in 2021 after one of the hardest and longest of years. At least once a week, hopefully twice, we’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing a story involving kindness.  Read More