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Zoe Lambros is a 16 year old that has lived through the German Occupation of her home town in Greece. Zoe survived the war that killed her family, her friends and destroyed her country. She fought alongside Eva Muller and Henry Franz in an attempt to save Greek Jews from the Nazis but now comes a bigger challenge. Together with the only two people she trusts, she must find a way out of Greece before it erupts into a bloody civil war. Finding a way out will be more complicated that she thought and fraught with dangers as they are recruited for one last resistance mission in German occupied Crete before they flee to Egypt and safety. They survived the war, but can they survive the peace. Zoe also has to deal with her growing feelings for Eva.

It’s a journey of self discovery, hope, resilience and courage to see what is beyond her little town.

Explore Zoe’s world!Zoe’s Journal: Surviving The Peace

by Mary D. Brooks

Genre: World War II Fiction, Lesbian Romance, Young Adult
Sexual Content: None
Character List: Click here to view

October 29, 1944 (Part 1) 
October 29, 1944 (Part 2)
– October 30, 1944 (Soon)

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