I’m very pleased to announce that I will be attending the first Xenite Retreat in the US on April 21-25.

For the first time I’ll be conducting two workshops and also appearing at a round table (or is that round the pool) discussion.

Here is my schedule:

22 April 2016
Round Table Discussion with Kym Taborn (Whoosh.org) & Mary D (Ausxip)


23 April 2016
Lunch with Mary D and Small Press & Indie Publishing
Small Press & Indie Publishing – What, When, and How: Releasing your story into the wild where
readers roam free… Mary shares with us the process of publishing your work.

24 April 2016
Writers Workshop with MaryD: When Your Imaginary Friends Speak To You
Getting your characters and the story out of your head and onto paper (or medium
of your choice). Mary D shares with us the process of creating fiction.