Eva, Henry (tallest guard..the other is Kurt). Kurt was one of those slimy characters you just want to take out to the woodshed. Sniveling coward.

In The Blood of the Greeks – Chapter 10

A rooster crowed as the sun made its slow progress to start the morning. Eva walked down the cobblestone streets, her cane echoing as it hit the ground. She was aware of the furtive glances and some openly hostile glares she was getting from the villagers. Most of them were used to seeing Eva, clad in her dark cloak and hood, her two very large shadows behind her. Henry was the taller of the two and he slowed his cadence to match Eva’s slow walk. Next to him was Barkow, who stood at just over six feet but was dwarfed by his fellow soldier. With those two behind her, Eva felt somewhat protected. No one greeted her as she passed, not that she was expecting them to, and some spat on the ground before she passed making sure she noticed. Nevertheless she was a common sight for those who woke up early to tend to their chores.