The cast of my new radio play “Zoe’s Promise” were on Chatting With Sherri radio show and it was so much fun to listen to them talk about the play and their perceptions on Eva and Zoe!

What is Zoe’s Promise?

Sand, Sun, Love and Madcap Zoe On A Mission To Fulfill A Promise Made In The Egyptian Desert

It’s 1948 in Sydney, Australia Zoe is planning a surprise for Eva. She enlists the help of Elena and together they make one of Zoe’s zaniest ideas come to life. Zoe’s promise to Eva made in the Egyptian desert in 1946 is the basis for this romantic comedy. Zoe always delivers on her promises no matter how long it takes. Eva, Zoe, Elena, Henry and Earl are back.

It’s a feel good romantic comedy that will just make you smile – it’s all about the love with a dash of sand and sun in the land of Milk and Honey.

Listen to the podcast here:

Zoe’s Promise Cast:

Written By: Mary D. Brooks
Produced by: Sherri’s Playhouse
Directed by: Sherri Rabinowitz

Narrator – Arielle Strauss

Eva Haralambos – Jnae Rae Spano
Zoe Lambros – Tonia Carr
Henry Franz – Ray Brent
Earl Wiggins – Everett Robert
Elena Jacobs – Sherri Rabinowitz 
Debbie Harrison – Arielle Strauss

Check out Zoe’s Promise radio play subsite!

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