Image635292057523211856Here’s one of the most beautiful posters I’ve seen. It’s created by Calli and it’s about my fiction series “Intertwined Souls” with Eva and Zoe.

The models used are Penny and Kat Cavanaugh. Penny is Zoe and Kat is Eva. The photo of the two is part of a photoshoot shot by KT Jorgensen during February.

Book 1 In the Blood of the Greeks is available for a limited time for free

Book 2 Where Shadows Linger – is available in print but a revised version will be online for free for a limited time mid April

Book 3 Hidden Truths is available in print and ebook formats now

Book 4 Awakenings is available in print and ebook formats now


Check out the book trailer for Hidden Truths

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