Today marks the 200th anniversary of Greeks rising up to overthrow the rule of the Ottomon Empire in Greece in 1821 (The Greeks eventually won that brutal war in 1830). It's also Greek Independence Day!  In honour of this day, the world's landmarks were bedecked out in blue and white – (the national colours of Greece and the Greek flag). In Sydney that meant the sails of the iconic Sydney Opera House lit up to show Australia's support for Greece!

Australia and Greece share a friendship that stretches back to World War 1 and Gallipoli. The island of Lemnos was where wounded Allied forces (Australian, New Zealand and English soldiers) were sent. Australians never forgot how the Greeks welcomed them and offered hospitality.

In 1941, the Australians returned that hospitality when our forces were sent to Greece to defend her against the Italians and Germans.

Australia has a long, proud history of welcoming Greeks and Melbourne (Victoria) has the highest population of Greeks outside of Athens.


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