montage3Sallie’s Book Reviews blog interviews authors about their books. Sallie suggested I do an interview with one of the characters of the Intertwined Souls Series.


So I chose Zoe (who as we all know is not short of a word).

Interview with Zoe Lambros by Mary D. Brooks, author of In the Blood of the Greeks has now been posted on Sallie’s site.

What questions are there for Zoe to answer?

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your background

2. Do you have a nickname?

3. How did it feel when you first realized that you had tender feelings for someone that you hated so passionately? I don’t imagine that it would have sat comfortably with you, knowing that anything you feel, you feel strongly

4. Did you wrestle with this new feeling that was incompatible with your existing attitude towards Eva and was it a conscious choice to allow that feeling to gradually develop?

5. Was there a definite point that you can identify where you yielded to love and decided to let any remaining hatred towards Eva be washed away by that love?

6. Let’s talk about Eva a bit more – When you think of Eva, what comes into your mind?

7. It’s obvious they didn’t succeed since you’re with Eva now, right?

8. What makes you laugh out loud?

9. You have a motorcycle but you no longer ride, are you ever going to ride a motorcycle again?

10. When you think of home, what’s your favorite memory?

11.  What is the best Christmas present you have given to Eva?

12. What’s next for Zoe Lambros?

Read the answers here

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