Last month I watched the series “Band of Brothers” which was set during WW2. Episode 9 had one of the most powerful scenes I have ever seen in a tv show. The Americans liberate Dachau concentration camp.

The US Holocaust Museum has posted Letters from Liberators On May 3, 1945, US soldier Elmer Joachim recorded his reactions to visiting Dachau after liberation. The letters have been scanned and you can view below the video. POWERFUL. MOVING.


In April and May 1945, Allied forces liberated thousands of prisoners from Nazi concentration camps. Soldiers who had read and heard reports of Nazi crimes now confronted the evidence first hand. Shocked, angered, and horrified by what they saw, they recorded their observations in reports to their superiors and letters home to loved ones so as to ensure that others would know the truth about what they had seen. Historic film footage, artifacts from our collections, and oral histories provide further documentation of liberators' experiences at the end of World War II.

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