This is one of those surreal moments in life that is so mind boggling, I just stare at the page of the USA Today Bestseller List and see my name in the top 100 (#67 to be exact). Yup that’s my name on there along with my fellow authors of The Darkest Hour.

Thanks for including me is this magnificent anthology that goes to my heart: World War II resistance. The novella “Enemy at the Gate” pushed me in ways I never imagined. It’s the first story I’ve actually written in first person POV. Normally I write in 3rd person POV but Enemy at the Gate was different. It was told through the eyes of a thirteen year old Zoe Lambros. I had to go back to In The Blood of the Greeks and discover the thirteen year old Zoe; she has come a long way since 1941 but slipping into her mindset in that period of time was fascinating and challenging.

It was a huge thrill for me to be a part of this anthology with such incredible WW2 fiction authors. So thank you to everyone who bought The Darkest Hour!

I will be releasing Enemy At The Gate as a standalone novel towards the end of the year with additional material I could add in the novella due to length limitations. Watch for more info about that on the Enemy At The Gate book page